YMCA turns Oasis Academy into a cinema

August 19, 2015

A FANTASTIC opportunity for youngsters in Immingham is the youth club at the town’s Oasis Academy, which YMCA Humber runs every Monday evening; but last week things ran slightly differently.

On attending the youth club, the young people saw YMCA youth workers Jocelyn Dennis and Adam Wood had a huge screen set up, popcorn and movies; Oasis Academy was turned into a cinema.

The group were delighted with what had been done to the school hall and were able to relax on bean bags while watching a film of their choice.

There were also the usual activities for the evening: pool, football, arts and crafts and board games – there are always plenty of activities to keep the young people busy.

The youth club has been running since April and is very popular, averaging 60 attendees per week. The youth club has a huge impact on everyone that attends. It isn’t just something for young people to do on Monday evenings; it is something that teaches transferrable skills, such as team work and communication skills.

Melissa MacDougall is new to YMCA and it was her first night volunteering at the youth club.

She said: “It was very inspiring to see how much the children enjoyed the film night; I think it was a huge success.”

YMCA is always looking at the future helping young people do things that they may not be able to do in their local area for various reasons.

There has recently been interest in going to Pleasure Island and Grimsby Town to watch a football match. While YMCA will try to ensure this happens, the group are encouraged to help organise it themselves by accompanying youth workers to liaise with local businesses and take part in small fundraising activities of their own.