Local Gideons Donation of Bibles

September 24, 2015

A DONATION of bibles recently arrived at our Peaks Lane Housing Project in Grimsby, courtesy of the local branch of Gideons International.

Judith Bass, Jeremy Bass and Robert Barton of Gideons visited the Grimsby-based housing project to present the bibles to a team from YMCA Humber that included Andy Tappin (Youth and Community Services Manager), Chris McAleese (Commercial Director), Jocelyn Dennis (Community Youth Worker) and Jim Hudson (Peaks Lane Project Manager).

Speaking about the donation, Andy Tappin, who is also our chaplain, said: “There are over 80 bibles, which means we will be able to supply one to nearly every one of the young people in our housing projects.

“There is some excellent guidance at the front of each bible pinpointing areas that young people can read to give them inspiration for the issues that they are dealing with.

“These bibles can be placed in each room and benefit not just the young people currently in our projects but also young people in the future too.

“We would like to thank Gideons for their fantastic generosity.”

For more information on Gideons in the local area, please visit their website.