Turning Point Celebrate Neighbourhood Network Award

September 28, 2015

OUR Turning Point Project in Hull has been celebrating being awarded the 2015 Neighbourhood Network Group of the Year for their work in the Wyke area of the city.

Around 150 people filled the Freedom Centre on Preston Road for the annual awards ceremony, which sees charities and community groups recognised for the work they carry out in Hull.

Peter Key (Housing Services Manager) and Tony Norrie (Turning Point Project Manager) attended the event and spoke at their delight in picking up one of the top prizes.

Tony said: “It was quite an emotional moment because a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to convince people that this project is needed in the city and that we could make a difference to local communities.

“It is also recognition for all the staff and volunteers at the project and I am unbelievably proud of everyone.

“It is not just an accolade for the Turning Point project but also all the partners that we work with day-to-day.

“The work of YMCA in the city is to reduce the amount of people offending and thus cut down on the number of victims and the damage and harm to other people – you cannot quantify that value.”

And Tony also revealed that it was a shock to even get nominated for the award, with recommendations being made anonymously by residents or business in the Wyke area.

He continued: “We don’t even know who nominated us for the awards!

“Anyone in the Wyke area can be nominated and we have been chosen from a field that included 380 companies and projects, so it’s a great achievement.

Louise Wilkinson, manager at Neighbourhood Network, said: “It was an absolutely brilliant evening and I am delighted so many people turned up.

“The Neighbourhood Network charity has continued to grow considerably over the past year and aims to reduce crime, develop a good community and create a safer environment to live in, where people are neighbourly and support one another.”

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