YMCA/GHoPA Partnership Hits the Target

October 2, 2015

ONE of the most popular activities for the young people of YMCA Humber is the archery lessons run in conjunction with Get Hooked on Positive Activities (GHoPA) and coaches are looking forward to seeing the latest crop of YMCA youngsters develop their skills.

The most recent sessions have been taking place in the Sports Hall at the Peaks Lane Housing Project, with the young people learning about archery from scratch – right from the first steps of how to handle the equipment, to how to hold the bow and the overall technique.

And, at the end of the course, many of the YMCA youngsters will be in a position to not only coach their peers in the project but also to accompany GHoPA and volunteer at events around the region.

Michael Burley, one of the archery coaches is delighted with the young people’s progress.

He said: “I think that this latest group is the best one we have had in the 18 months we have been offering sessions at Peaks Lane.

“Some of them step up there and they are naturals but there are those who are a bit cautious when they start out but they have picked it up so quickly.

“It is very impressive because we are coaching them and it is sinking in first time with them.

“Confidence is the key. A young person might come to us low on confidence but when they start listening and see an improvement in their results; that confidence soon picks up.”

And Michael explained the reasoning behind holding the sessions with the young people.

“They can pick so many different elements up from just a few weeks’ coaching,” he stated.

“We have mentioned confidence but it is also control, focus, concentration and showing respect for the coaches, those around you and the equipment.

“It is not just about going out and having some fun, they pick up some really vital skills that they can transition into their day-to-day lives.

“And when they have developed enough that they can turn around to others, including staff, and coach them on the correct techniques then that is one of the real plus points.”