Challen Mends Broken Bridges

July 1, 2014

WHEN Challen arrived at the Foyer over Christmas in 2011 it was due to problems in his home life. Over the next two years he regrouped and with the support of YMCA Humber was able to move into his own accommodation, complete his studies and mend broken bridges.

Studies were a big part of Challen’s life at the Foyer and he studied film, physics, maths and further maths at Franklin College. He always took his studies seriously and maintained an excellent level of attendance.

In August 2012, Challen achieved a BTEC Level 3 in Creative Media and Design. He has a wonderful creative streak, which he puts to good use producing short films for local organisations.

Eager to continue studying media in Higher Education, Challen has been looking at the university options available to him, whilst also considering volunteer opportunities with local media agencies.

A popular member of the Foyer during his two-year stay, Challen always encouraged his peers to treat each other respectfully and participate in activities.

Whilst at the Foyer, Challen participated in sessions at Green Futures, kickboxing, kayaking and also was a focal point of the Junk Band project.

Personal fitness was one of Challen’s biggest improvements whilst at the Foyer and he regularly attended the gym at Oasis Health Club, as well as take part in football training.

At the Cleethorpes Carnival in July 2013, Challen took part on YMCA Humber’s float, dressing up as none other that Sir George Williams – founder of YMCA.

In the spring of 2013, Challen successfully acquired a job working part-time in a local restaurant and through this he was able to save towards his own move into independent accommodation.

This came in September 2013. During the summer, Challen showed that he had learned the skills to enable him to live independently, moving into a flat in Grimsby.

Challen remains in touch with staff and residents and recently attended the Foyer Reunion in June.

He successfully carried on his studies after leaving the Foyer and is hopeful of securing a place at Manchester University in September.

YMCA Humber was present at a Careers’ Fair held by Franklin College in March. Challen attended this to look for universities to attend and was accompanied by his parents, showing the great steps he has made in his life during his two years at the Foyer.

Speaking of his time at the Foyer, Challen said:

“I can’t thank the staff at YMCA Humber enough.

“They have turned my life around.

“I came here needing space so that I could figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

“And that’s what the Foyer offers a young person, space. Space to think, to analyse, to enjoy activities and to do your coursework.”