Families Enjoy Community Games Funday

April 14, 2015

FAMILIES from across North East Lincolnshire took part in a range of activities at our Community Games funday, which was held on Saturday 12th April at King George V Stadium in Grimsby.

The main attraction on the day was a bid to set a new world record for the fastest 100m space hop and there was also live music and a variety of stalls showcasing local community groups.

Held in conjunction with Enfuse, a team of Community Development Workers from Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL), the event promoted the Community Games ethos of encouraging local people to take part in sporting and cultural activities.

Some of the other activities on the day included archery, a skate park, movement classes and a new sport called VX.

Funds raised on the day will go towards the Community Games scheme, which will continue throughout 2014 and see events geared at sporting participation take place across the Humber Region.

Jonathan Byrne, Communications Coordinator for YMCA Humber said:

“The Community Games scheme allows us to bring events to local communities that encourage young people to take part in sporting and cultural activities.

“In the past year we have held a pancake race in Cleethorpes, a talent show in Scunthorpe and our flagship event, the Humber Hop, across the Humber Bridge.”

Sadly, the fastest time achieved on the day, 52 seconds by Conrad Broughton was short of the current record of 30.2 seconds, held by renowned world record breaker Ashrita Furman in America.

There will be other opportunities to try and make or break world records with Community Games throughout the year, so please keep looking on www.ymca-humber.com for more information.