Peter’s New Start at Community House

November 23, 2015

AFTER moving to the area from Nottingham in 2014, Peter, 24, had plans in place for a new life with his partner and their children but he would soon find himself with nowhere to turn but YMCA.

Domestic issues led to a breakdown in the relationship and, with no job, money or friends in the area, Peter turned to YMCA for help.

He recalled: “I regret what happened with my previous relationship, because I had all the plans set to settle down with my children and their mother in Grimsby, find a job and start a proper life here.

“But that went away and I was left with nothing, I didn’t know anyone here and I didn’t have any way of getting back to Nottingham.”

And that is where YMCA came into Peter’s life. With nowhere left to turn, he registered with the local Home Options Team and came to our Peaks Lane Housing Project in Grimsby.

Peter was grateful for the roof over his head but more importantly for the support he received during his time at the project.

He said: “After finding my life turned upside down, it was nice to have some stability again and that is what YMCA provided for me.

“I had previously had problems with cannabis use and it affecting my motivation skills but the staff quickly identified this and got me the right support so that I could get away from that and focus on my future.

“But most importantly they helped me take the steps to rekindling my relationship with my children.”

With the progress that he was making at the Peaks Lane Housing Project, Peter was invited to move into our Community Housing Project in central Grimsby.

He admits that he was first cautious but soon grew into the more independent nature of the project.

“I wasn’t entirely sure about moving into the house at first because I was very comfortable at Peaks Lane but it soon became apparent that I had made the right move because it was pushing me to improve my life further and making me think about my own aspirations.

“The support there is excellent – you see Mark (Brewer, Community Support Coordinator) every day during the week and he is always showing encouragement and there to provide solid words of advice.

“For example, there was a point where my new partner was looking at giving up her job to make it more affordable for us to move in together but Mark made me look at it from a different perspective and I started thinking about what I wanted to do as a career.”

This led Peter into one of the many volunteering opportunities available to young people at YMCA Humber, helping out with the numerous activities at our partners Get Hooked on Positive Activities (GHoPA).

He continued: “My volunteering really made me think about doing things in the community.

“I enjoy being around people and doing the sort of work that supports others, so that is what I am looking to get into.”

Peter has now moved into his own property in Grimsby and is thankful for YMCA in helping him start a new life.

He said: “I can only thank YMCA for the help they have given me.

“Most of all they have given me direction and steered me in the right path – I now have aims and purposes in my life, which a year ago I could not have seen after undergoing such a huge setback.”