Sarah Aims to be a Cut Above

November 26, 2015

“IF it were not for the support of YMCA then I would not have confidence to be doing what I am doing now,” that is the view of Sarah, 24, who is being supported at our Peaks Lane Housing Project in Grimsby.

Sarah came to YMCA after a breakdown in a relationship following the birth of her child and, with support from her key worker, she is now studying at college and also taking parenting classes.

She said: “I had had a baby but my relationship broke down and my life was a mess really.

“I had very little confidence but YMCA have supported me with that and got me into a position where I am enjoying my college course and taking parenting lessons.”

Sarah is studying Hairdressing at Grimsby Institute and is looking forward to trying her new-found skills on members of the public through the salon service that is provided at the Nuns Corner campus.

“Going to college is something I always considered and a hairdressing course is something I have thought of in the past but I never had the confidence to go an enrol,” she said.

“But the support I have received from YMCA has enabled me to develop that confidence and self-esteem so that I have been able to go to college and get onto the course.”

And Sarah is really enjoying life as a trainee hairdresser and now has her heart set on a career in the profession.

She continued: “Growing up I always thought about doing something involving childcare but I have really enjoyed hairdressing and hope to be able to get a job when I have passed my course.

“I am able to perform all kinds of techniques, including highlighting, platting, layering and twisting.

“We are opening the salon soon, which will enable us to have some real practice; anyone can come into the college for a haircut or styling and it is designed to help students gain experience whilst they learn.”

Away from her course Sarah has hopes of independent living, which YMCA are once again supporting her with.

She concluded: “I have always wanted my own house and the key workers at YMCA are helping me look for properties that I will be able to afford and manage on my own – it is really valuable help for someone who has not really done that sort of thing before.”