Youth Group Hopeful of Public Support for Cash Injection

November 27, 2015

YOUNGSTERS at our youth group in Immingham are hopeful of a cash injection for activities through a token scheme in the Grimsby Telegraph.

The local newspaper are running a £4,000 giveaway in conjunction with Sentiments Funeral Home, which will see four local charities sharing £1,000 each, dependent on the number of star-shaped tokens that are collected.

Printed daily in the newspaper, up until Saturday 28 November, the tokens can be filled out with the charity you wish to support and then returned to either Grimsby Telegraph or Sentiments.

And young people who attend the Monday youth club at Immingham Resource Centre are already collecting the tokens in earnest.

Year 8 students Megan and Courtney have collected plenty of tokens so far and they are banking on support from friends, family and the general public to help them collect enough to earn £1,000 for YMCA.

The pair said: “We come to youth club every Monday night and we really value the support Jocelyn (Dennis, Community Youth Worker) and her team give us.

“They provide us with so many different activities and opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t get in our local communities.

“We have been cutting out the tokens to show our support from YMCA and we have been trying to get our friends and family members to do the same too and it would be even better if everyone reading this did the same!

The group has being running for over 12 months now and averages 40 young people per session, recently moving to Immingham Resource Centre on Margaret Street, after previously being held at the Oasis Academy in the town.

Leanne Thompson, 23, is a volunteer at the project and spoke of how the possible cash injection would have a positive influence on the young people’s lives.

She said: “I have been volunteering with the group for about nine months now and I have seen the positive impact it has had on these young people’s lives.

“They take part in activities that they wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere in the town and it keeps them off the streets and away from the lure of anti-social behaviour.

“We would love to do so much more with the group; a £1,000 donation would allow us to buy some improved equipment for games and activities, develop a ‘quiet room’, which would allow for young people to have the space and time to ‘step out’ and reflect and also begin to explore the more spiritual nature of YMCA’s work.”

Leanne continued: “One of our main aims for the group is to take the young people away on enriching trips that they can learn from, develop ideas and that look to use the support of YMCA to bring that activity or something similar to their local communities”

The Grimsby Telegraph/Sentiments charity token collection runs until Saturday 28 November. If you are collecting tokens for YMCA Humber then these can be returned to Sentiments or Grimsby Telegraph, as per the information in the newspaper, or you can return them to us at:

YMCA Humber Communications Department
c/o St Aidan’s Church
Hart Street
N E Lincs
DN35 7RQ