World Book Night at YMCA

May 16, 2016

YOUNG people and staff from YMCA Humber enjoyed World Book Night 2016 thanks to two generous donors in the North East Lincolnshire area.

Alan Burley and Tracey Wilson offered a number of popular novels to YMCA Humber that were distributed amongst staff and young people on World Book Night, which was held on Saturday 23 April.

The books “Band of Brothers” by Stephen E Ambrose and “Reasons to stay Alive” by Matt Haig were given out at both our Peaks Lane and Foyer Housing Projects in Grimsby, with young people and staff alike jumping at the opportunity to collect some new reading material. Copies of the books were also provided for the communal library within the Community House.

At both events Alan spoke about the ideals of World Book Night, which this year saw 190,000 books being given in the UK. He asked clients and staff who received the books to hand them on where possible for others to read.

The Foyer event saw many clients remembering World Book Day from when they were at school and dressing up as a character from a book on the day. They all felt that maybe next year we could do a themed World Book Night in the same vein.

Staff at Peaks Lane kindly provided some food for the event, which was greatly appreciated by clients. Alan encouraged those who received the books to talk about their favorite book and this led to a very enjoyable discussion about the importance and enjoyment of reading books.

They also felt that a book lending library within Peaks Lane would be well used and Alan was delighted to inform them the next day that one would be introduced through the provision of a bookcase for books to be donated to or borrowed from.

World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books where passionate volunteers distribute hundreds of books to their communities, so that they can share their love of reading with others.

YMCA Humber’s aim is to share these books around as many young people in our projects as possible, as well as placing them in rooms so that future members of the Association can enjoy them too.

For more information on World Book Night, please visit www.worldbooknight.org.

DONATE | Do you have any unwanted books that you could donate to our communal libraries at our Housing Projects? Call (01472) 359 621 if you can help or email us at info@ymca-humber.com.