Winter Beach Walk

February 6, 2014

YOUNG people from our housing projects in Grimsby took the opportunity to enjoy the winter sun when they walked along Cleethorpes Beach on Tuesday 4th February.

The trip was organised by Community Youth Worker Jocelyn Dennis, who took the young people on a supervised six-mile walk along the Cleethorpes seafront, which also took in a stop at the town’s market place for some famous East Coast fish and chips.

Part of a range of activities that allow young people to focus on healthier lifestyles and develop their mind, body and spirit as part of the YMCA’s ethos.

And Jocelyn was impressed with their efforts on the first of what she hopes are regular walks at various locations.

She said: “I was impressed with the pace we managed to keep up throughout on what was a windy day in Cleethorpes.

“Of course the promise of a chip lunch was a real plus for everyone and it was most welcome after the three miles we had covered and we also knew that we had the three miles back to walk them off!”

Jocelyn continued: “In all, we walked along the beach from just behind Pleasure Island towards the Pier and into the Market Place.

“All our young people were extremely well behaved, enjoying the sea views and fresh air and we hope that many of them will come with us on future trips later in the year.”