YMCA spreads some Random Acts of Kindness

February 20, 2017

YOUNG people from around North East Lincolnshire spread some Random Acts of Kindness during RAK Week 2017 thanks to YMCA Humber.

An information stand at Franklin College, Grimsby and an activity at the fortnightly Stally Youth Club, which is held at the Village Hall in Stallingborough encouraged young people to write something nice about their peers and tell them about it through a session called Positive Post-Its.

Leanne Kennedy is YMCA Humber’s Events and Marketing Assistant and also the organisation’s designated ‘RAKtivist’ and she led the call for young people to spread some Random Acts of Kindness about each other.

She said: “Sometimes it is difficult for us to get our positive thoughts about each other across – we may be too shy to do so or simply not have the time.

“So that’s why Random Acts of Kindness Week is an important time for us to take a moment and recognise what we value in other people, whether that’s saying something nice to make someone’s day or doing something for someone else that you normally wouldn’t do.”

And Leanne was particularly impressed with the young people at Stally Youth Club, all aged between 9 and 14, who shared plenty of kindness with each other.

She added: “There were some lovely thoughts going around, complimenting each other on their looks, their contributions to the club or their ability at certain activities.

“I think it made the young people stand back and think about each other more and realise that everyone brings something different to their small community.”

For more details on Random Acts of Kindness, please visit the website.