BLOG | Westminster visit for YMCA’s Tom

April 19, 2017

Packed in like sardines

It was a three-hour drive from Grimsby to Cockfosters station; the end of the line for the London Underground and our way in to the heart of London.

Once we parked up and got our return Tube tickets, we were set for another 40-minute journey.

Early into the Tube ride, I began to think that I had been unlucky on my previous trip, everything seemed quiet and there were plenty of empty seats.

Then I noticed that the passengers pouring onto the Tube were increasing with every stop, and by the time we got off at Green Park it looked like the crowded London I had remembered.

After one last Tube ride, thankfully a short one since we were packed in like sardines, we had finally arrived in Westminster.

As I stepped out into the street, I looked around at the grand, historic buildings in every direction.

Just across from the station Big Ben dominates the view, and being connected to the Houses of Parliament it was easy to spot where we needed to go.

We waited for our chance to dash across the road in-between the black cabs and red buses and found our way to the police-guarded entrance.

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