Shalom Give Youngsters 200 Reasons to Sleep Easy

February 14, 2014

YOUNG people from Shalom Youth Centre in Grimsby raised over £200 for North East Lincolnshire-based homeless charities through their first-ever Sleep Easy event on 31st January.

The Rutland Street-based youth centre held the homeless fundraiser for the first time in conjunction with YMCA Humber.

Andy Tappin, YMCA Humber Youth and Community Services Manager, organised the event with assistance from Shalom volunteers.

There were four young people who braved the cold on the night, Summer, Adam, Lucy and Billy and they bedded down in a custom-made shelter within the youth centre’s grounds.

Beginning after the usual Friday night youth club activities had ended at 10pm, the young people spent a total of ten hours braving the elements to raise funds for youth homelessness.

And Andy was delighted with the final fundraising total, which came in at just over £200.

He said: “Having been at the centre of young people’s needs in the town for over 40 years, it seemed logical that Shalom would partner with YMCA Humber to bring Sleep Easy to the centre.

“The four young people who took part in the event were superb, they created their own shelter and took to bed for the night in the early hours – even getting some sleep in the process!

“To raise £200 between them is a fantastic achievement and will go to the Sleep Easy campaign, which enables the partner charities to continue their work with the most vulnerable young people of the area.

“It really is refreshing to see young people give something back to those less fortunate than themselves.”

Sleep Easy was a way for the users of Shalom, which has recently received a grant for £30,000 from Comic Relief, to help young people in the area.

Summer, 15, took part in Sleep Easy and said:

“It is our way of saying thank you for all the support we have received.

“We have somewhere warm and friendly to go on an evening where we can get hot food and a drink but there are others who are not as fortunate.

“We have shown our support to easing the plight of youth homelessness and it is something that we would like to get involved with more in the future.”