YMCA Humber getting young people involved in the election by helping them to register to vote

May 15, 2017

STAFF at YMCA Humber are helping young people get their voices heard in this year’s General Election by supporting young residents and service users to register to vote.

More than 100 young residents have been encouraged to visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote as they prepare to cast their vote but, with only 43% of 18 to 24-year-olds voting in 2015, YMCA’s team is keen to get as many people as possible signed up.

Residents have been creating specific artwork to encourage young people to get involved ahead of the deadline of midnight on Monday 22 May.

Push to register after manifesto release

This push comes on the back of YMCA releasing a national manifesto of recommendations to the future government, which is available from here.

Malcolm Smith, Chief Executive of YMCA Humber, said: “This election is one of the most important of recent years and it is essential that young people stand up and have their say.

“Only 43% of young people voted in the last election and, because of this, it remains easy for their voices to be lost in the political debate. We want to change that at YMCA Humber and that’s why we are working hard to get as many of our residents to sign up to vote ahead of the deadline.

“Only by looking in depth at the policies of local candidates and having their say on polling day can young people impact on the result and help ensure the decisions of future governments are reflective of what is best for them.”

“Country cannot live on non-voters”

George, 19 from Grimsby, is a former YMCA resident and is now a Youth Apprentice and Youth Ambassador for the charity. He has just signed up to vote on 8 June.

He said: “The country cannot live on non-voters.

“We all have a view and voting gives you a voice.

“You have to choose what’s best for your country and make a change.”

YMCA Humber has operated in North East Lincolnshire since 1882. It provides accommodation and support services to over 500 young people every year.

YMCA Humber is part of a wider YMCA federation of 116 local charities that, combined, work in 740 communities and impact on the lives of 630,000 people every year.