Siobhan empowering young people worldwide as a YMCA Change Agent

May 26, 2017

AN inspirational young support worker from Grimsby has received the opportunity to empower young people across the globe through YMCA’s Change Agents programme.

Siobhan Porter, 28, has worked for YMCA Humber for six years and recently became a Change Agent through World YMCA’s youth leadership development initiative.

The support worker, who helps transform the lives of 72 young people at the charity’s Peaks Lane Housing Project in Grimsby, is one of 600 Change Agents worldwide.

Siobhan said: “YMCA offers young people a place to come to when they need support.

“It enables them the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence to access education, training or employment and live independently.

“Young people can develop their skills and confidence which empowers them to reach their full potential.”

Change Agents – a collective identity

Youth empowerment is the collective identity of YMCA’s global movement.

The initiative aims to empower Change Agents with a wide range of leadership training opportunities, both locally and around the world.

This enables them to ‘be the change, share the vision and inspire action’ that connects people across the world to create a collective impact of the YMCA movement.

Speaking of her desire to become a Change Agent Siobhan said:

“The Change Agent programme allows participants to interact with YMCA staff members from all over the world.

“Change Agents can share their experiences in order to develop programmes designed to engage and empower young people.

“This will help YMCA empower young people by encouraging them to shape a tailored service around their own experiences.

“This feedback can continually improve the service we offer locally.”

For more information on YMCA’s Change Agents, please visit World YMCA’s website.

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