Transition support helps Year 6 pupils become I’m Possible

June 30, 2017

YMCA HUMBER’S I’m Possible transition  project works with schools and other partners to reintegrate pupils who would otherwise be missing from mainstream education.

There are several reasons a pupil can be deemed missing from mainstream education and several different reintegration needs and several components utilised to reintegrate pupils back into school.

Ben is a Year 6 student that has received help from YMCA in the difficult transition from primary to secondary education.

His mother, Sonya, spoke of the positive impact YMCA has had on Ben’s life.

“YMCA have provided Ben with many opportunities that, as a parent, I wouldn’t have been able to; he can be out in the community safely and learn to adapt to different environments and people.

“He now has the confidence to interact socially with others again.

“YMCA have allowed Ben to fit in with society when he often feels left out or different.”

Jocelyn Dennis YMCA’s Outreach Youth Worker and she used several different reintegration techniques to help Ben back into mainstream education.

Taking Ben out of a classroom environment enabled him to relax more and begin to understand relationships with others.

Sonya continued: “Ben found a number of the sessions very therapeutic.

“They have enabled him to understand the importance of being kind to others, which he has struggled to do before now.”

YMCA’s involvement with Ben brought an impartiality that he had not experienced before, which helped him fit in with group activities.

“Looking after Ben can be stressful and difficult,” admitted Sonya.

“YMCA’s support has enabled me to have some free time.

“They have engaged with me to tackle any issues and supported both Ben and me by reiterating the same messages for at home.

“Ben is in a state of calm when he comes home and it feels like he is a different child at times.

“He is more relaxed and kind-hearted and is the person he so desperately wants to be.

“YMCA have been fantastic and I hope they can continue supporting many more children like Ben.”

For more information on YMCA Humber’s transition work, please call our Youth & Community Services department on 01472 359 621.

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