Danny’s confidence boost to follow Armed Forces’ dream

June 30, 2017

AFTER moving to the area from Boston, Danny, 25, had plans to start a new life with his then partner and follow his dream of joining the Armed Forces.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan for  and he was asked to leave the home they shared together.

“YMCA was the only option I was left with,” he said.

Danny engaged well with support staff at our Peaks Lane Housing Project.

He was encouraged to undertake courses provided by the Job Centre, such as a Health and Safety course, Food and Manufacturing, a Forklift course and also some Function Skills.

“The courses have definitely improved my skills, I have been able to gain qualifications and have a more (varied) CV,” he said.

Soon after Danny was offered a room at our Community House due to the progress he was making at Peaks Lane.

Community House

“It felt very homely and I settled in pretty quick,” he stated.

Danny felt the support at the Community House was a major factor in his progress.

He continued: “I knew the support was always there if I needed any advice and guidance

“Having support at the end of the phone when I it worked a lot better for me

“If I had a problem in the evening, I could give someone a ring and they would be happy to talk with me.

“Whereas if it was set times for support, sometimes there may have been nothing for me to talk about.”

Dreaming of the Armed Forces

Danny had always dreamt of joining the Armed Forces.

Speaking of his journey at the Community House and his plans to join the Armed Forces, he said: “Joining the army is something I have always wanted to do.

“I initially applied to the Navy a few years ago but wasn’t successful as I was on bail at the time.

“My move to the Community House and the support I have received here has given me the confidence to stand on my own two feet.

“I have learnt how to cook and pay bills, things I have never actually had to do on my own – even going out and buying food.

“Being at YMCA has essentially helped me grow up.”

He continued: “And here I am today sat waiting for a call back as to when I start my training.

“I am really looking forward to it, I have been working out and going to the gym with Rob, a member of the support team at the Foyer, for the last few months.

“When I haven’t been at the gym I have been doing a lot of core work and running.

“Just the other day I ran to Waltham and back which is over six miles.”

“I have been doing a lot of mental work in preparation too – keeping my room spotless and a lot of prep work getting myself ready for my initial training.”

Danny’s advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to himself and finding themselves coming to YMCA is: “Listen to the advice given to you by support staff – they are there to help you and guide you.”

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