YMCA Humber receives cash injection for I’m Possible workshops

August 2, 2017

YMCA HUMBER has been awarded over £2,000 by the Tribune Trust for the Early Intervention workshops I’m Possible.

The charity has received a cash injection of £2,774 from the Tribune Trust. The money has been awarded to aid the continued delivery of the Early Intervention workshops I’m Possible that started back in May 2017.  I’m Possible workshops are run in partnership with the Prison Me No Way! scheme and have proven to be a massive success so far.

The Early Intervention workshops named I’m Possible promote mental health and emotional well-being to young people that are preparing for the difficult transition into secondary education. The programme was delivered across Hull, East Riding, North and North East Lincolnshire throughout May and June 2017.

The workshops received great feedback with one teacher saying:

“From a teacher’s point of view it was interesting to see thoughts and feelings in a way we might not cover during ‘regular’ lesson.

“The use of examples including celebrities who have overcome self-confidence issues engaged the children, it made it relatable.

“Overall it was a great workshop that involved the children and all were fully engaged.”

Linda Clark, our Community Manager who is leading the workshops said:

“The workshops are for every young person transitioning from primary school to secondary school.

“We are hoping the I’m Possible workshops will enable schools to recognise those students who need additional support.

“The money we have received will enable us to continue the work we have started across North East Lincolnshire and the Humber.

“We want to deal with issues before the problem has bolted, be proactive rather than reactive.

“We are looking forward to the future of I’m Possible with more workshops surrounding various other issues such as mental health, bullying, body confidence, substance misuse and homelessness.

“Some of these we are hoping to deliver in secondary schools”.

The Tribune Trust is a charity that aims to reduce crime and disorder, not through locks and bolts but through supporting projects that get to the heart of reducing crime rather than treating the symptoms of it.

Their Trustees are all former, current or future High Sheriffs from the business community, they work in partnership with people like Humberside Fire and Rescue and are reliant on generous giving by their Trustees. They distribute around £60,000 a year in small grants to projects such as YMCA’s I’m Possible.

Paul Cheeseman, Director of the Tribune Trust, said:

“We are very eager to support working with young people, working with people who are trying to get to the heart of causes of crime and disorder as this project well does.

“We know there are strong links between mental health and people’s future and their propensity to perhaps get involved in crime and disorder, which is what really attracted us to this bed.

Mr Andrew S Clark, High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, presented the cheque to our Youth and Community Team at YMCA Humber. He said:

“We really appreciate the work YMCA Humber do with young people.

“It’s been great to meet with the Youth Worker apprentices here and hear about them getting out there in the community, they are doing very good work.

“I’m positive the work the apprentices will be doing with staff guidance will be a great help in the community”.

The Early Intervention workshops I’m Possible are an expansion of the Transition Work that was done back in June 2016. YMCA Humber was commissioned to pilot a new intervention aimed at supporting young people who had been excluded from mainstream primary education.

Our Youth and Community Team worked with a cohort of seven young people who were transitioning from Year 6 at an alternative education provision into mainstream secondary. This small-scale pilot alone produced an estimated cost saving of £31,792.83.

The project had an 86% success rate with 6 out of 7 young people remaining in mainstream education for the duration of the planned project period. 57% of the young people demonstrated ongoing mainstream engagement beyond the period of initial support with one young person returning to alternative provision and two young people accessing a part-time timetable. These outcomes went beyond project expectations due to the complex needs of the identified cohort.

For more information on I’m Possible, please contact Linda Clark on 07912 341 998 or e-mail linda.clark@ymca-humber.com.