Local Bands Help Gimme Shelter

March 12, 2014

YOUNG musicians from Hull helped raise money for youth homelessness at the Gimme Shelter concert, which was held in the city on Friday 21st February.

Local bands and acts, Joe Duncan, Emily Moulton, Tom Skelly Band and The Black Delta Movement shook Holy Trinity Church to its very foundations and had the stained glass windows rattling as they performed a three-hour concert on a cold winter’s night.

Over 300 people attended the second annual Gimme Shelter and their kind donations will go towards assisting some of the city’s most vulnerable young people into their own accommodation.

Joe Duncan kicked off the night with a short set that showcased his up and coming talent – he is currently in the process of recording an EP with Hull-based Warren Records.

Teenage sensation Emily Moulton wowed the crowd with a stunning, heartfelt set of her own acoustic numbers. The tender sounds of the 18-year-old’s music is perfectly complemented by her gentle, soothing vocals, which had a hint of Fleetwood Mac great Stevie Nicks to them.

The Tom Skelly band upped the volume levels somewhat with their fascinating blend of West Coast US jangle and gritty Northern indie sounds. Full of life and energy, the young group were the perfect precursor to the night’s headliners.

In the last year, Hull’s Black Delta Movement have played live on BBC Radio and supported such well-known acts as The View and Shaun Ryder.

They launched into 2014 with their fourth EP Ghost Dance and, after stealing the show at last year’s Gimme Shelter event, performed a similarly fantastic set this year too.

An exciting menage of psychedelia, indie and garage rock, the band performed in front of a series of custom-made videos, blasting out tunes such as the lengthy ‘Butterfly’, which incorporates a segue into The Doors’ classic ‘The End’.

Rapturous applause greeted the band as they left the stage and the 300 in attendance left knowing they had not just enjoyed a night of top quality music but also done their bit to raise money for those less fortunate.

YMCA Humber Communications Coordinator Jonathan Byrne was on hand for the concert and spoke of the charity’s delight at the acts’ generosity.

He said: “For these groups to step forward tonight and put on this fantastic event goes to show that young people do have the best interests of vulnerable people at heart.

“It is a fantastic way of raising money for some great causes and gives the city of Hull a chance to show what some of their most talented young people are about too.”

Alex Jones, Managing Director of Ruby Music spoke about his company’s support of Gimme Shelter.

He added: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to get behind Gimme Shelter.

“It allows us to to help raise awareness of the plight of homelessness but also the ineffectiveness in doing the most basic thing…caring.”

YMCA Humber would like to thank KWL, Smith & Nephew, Seven Sea, Tesco, Total Fitness, Binks Electrical, F Visuals Oxford, Edmundsons Electrical, Veolia Envrionmental, the Minerva, Rev. Neal Barnes and most of all the people of Holy Trinity Church for making the event a huge success.