Young people take a ‘slice’ of parliamentary issues with Pizza & Parliament workshop

September 1, 2017

POLITICS was the hot topic for young people at YMCA Humber, as they took in Pizza & Parliament workshops at their housing projects in Grimsby.

Lynn Hobson, a Parliamentary Outreach Worker based in Newcastle, travelled to Grimsby to talk with our young people about issues that affect them.

The Pizza & Parliament workshop covered various topics such as what Parliament does, what the difference is between Parliament and Government and why you should care.

Lynn also discussed what the House of Lords is, how to find out who your local MP is and why you might want to contact them.

Young people also learnt about the importance of voting so that their voices can be heard.

Lynn was really positive about her trip to our housing projects.

She said: “It was great hear some of the issues that people want to raise with their MP, whether its access to free/low cost education for older adults or a better standard of rented accommodation available in Grimsby.

“I want people to realise that they do have a voice and they must use it if they want things to change.

“Get in touch with your MP or find people in the House of Commons who share your concerns.

“Sometimes campaigning takes time and effort, but if we don’t voice our concerns in the first place there will be less pressure to change things.”

Foyer Federation CEO, Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, was present for the workshop held at the Foyer.  He spoke of how he felt inspired by his visit to YMCA Foyer project.

He added: “I thought it was brilliant the fact that the young people who are residents at The Foyer have met me for the first time today and have been so open and honest.

“They have shared their stories, their hopes, their passions and their frustrations.

“I felt all of that and for me to be able to get such an insight in just a day was brilliant, I couldn’t have asked for more.

“Lynn’s passion was bouncing off the walls, I thought the workshop was a great way of engaging young people because they could see it meant a lot to her.

“I think her style of engaging young people and getting them to understand how politics related to their lives, whether they think their interested in politics or not, I thought that was really cool.

“I found Lynn really inspiring, and I think the young people did too.”

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