YMCA Chief Embarks on Challenge 365

April 11, 2014

YMCA HUMBER Chief Executive Malcolm Smith is one of three members of our charity who are embarking on a year-long endurance challenge to raise funds for young people in North East Lincolnshire.

Dubbed Challenge 3-6-5, Mr. Smith and Andrew Hornsby, YMCA Humber Foyer Project Manager and Gary Pearson, Volunteer Van Driver at the YMCA Humber Charity Shop, will take in eight gruelling endurance events during a one-year period and they are asking the local community to get behind their fundraising efforts.

Starting with Saturday’s Yorkshire Warrior event in Harrogate, the trio will take in such famed events as Total Warrior, Tough Mudder, the Great North Run and the London Marathon – totalling 100 miles over 12 months.

And with many of the events featuring crazy obstacles and endurance tests, the funds raised by participants will go to helping vulnerable young adults, who face more real-life challenges on a day-to-day basis.

The three will be joined by other members of the YMCA Humber team for the Tough Mudder event in August.

Mr Smith said: “This year, with funding to support young people being cut, a team from YMCA Humber are going to undergo a yearlong challenge in order to increase the support for the young people we work with, by encouraging our community to join us in helping young people to reach their potential.

“Each year YMCA Humber provides support for over 500 young people.  Many of these young people have found themselves in a time of crisis for many different reasons, and at a young age, without the support of a family behind them the chance that they find themselves in unwanted situation increases greatly.

“This is where the work of the YMCA comes in.  By providing a roof over the heads of the young people their initial basic needs are met, making sure they have a place to begin to call home, enough money to buy food, and the foundations required to maintain their education or begin a new route into training.

“In addition to this basic provision the YMCA’s vision is to welcome these young people into a community, to work hard at replacing the family that is no longer there for them and to give them the support that so many of us took for granted from family, friends, schools, colleges or even university.

“The challenges that young people face are not just a one off…they are varied…and as we all know come our way very often without warning or notice…for a 17 year old such challenges without support can become very wearing, increasing the pressure upon them to fulfil their potential.”

Please keep visiting our website for a blog on the participants’ progress. To find out more information on Challenge 3-6-5 and to donate to the cause, please visit www.challenge365.co.uk.