Challenge 365 Blog: The First Event

April 17, 2014

CHIEF Executive Malcolm Smith was one of the three Challenge 365 participants, who took part in the first leg of the 12-month endurance challenge at April’s Yorkshire Warrior event. Here he writes about his experience:

“Well I learnt something from today…I am so not ready for 26.2 miles.  My training through the winter has very much been strength focused with some focus on running, but again looking to gain more strength in them. Today, after three miles they had succumb to the uneven terrain and my left knee really began to complain for the remaining seven, although rumour has it that an extra two miles were added somewhere!

“The course was well thought out today, really challenging on the legs and a great mile long tunnel that would give claustrophobic and agoraphobics sleepless nights for weeks to come!  It wasn’t a challenge as far as obstacles go, which is probably where my focus has been.

“I now know that this year is going to be far more of a challenge than I thought.  Having completed Tough Mudder last year, my confidence was high that these four obstacle races would be relatively straight forward, but if I’m not careful I could do myself an injury with all the off road running.

“So it’s back to the drawing board in terms of training; much more running is going to be needed now rather than later when the road runs come in.

“Someone said that the hardest part of any race is getting to the start line…we have seven more start lines to get to…and lots of hard work ahead to make sure we are ready.”

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