A Head for Heights

May 10, 2014

MYRON and David from our Community Housing Project in Grimsby showed a real head for heights when they tackled the ‘High Wire’ assault course at Oasis Academy Wintringham in the town.

The course arrived at the school earlier this year and the youngsters from YMCA Humber were some of the first to take up the challenge, in an activity organised by Community Youth Worker Jocelyn Dennis and Community Support Coordinator Mark Brewer.

There are a number of different sections to the course and it encourages participants to work as a team to overcome the obstacles.

‘Jacob’s Ladder’ is the first challenge, a huge log ladder where the rungs get further apart as you get higher up.

Myron and David were quick to take on the task and spoke of their delight at becoming the first pair to ever make it to the summit.

“We’re really proud of our achievement,” they said.

“It is very difficult because you have to put up with worsening conditions the higher you get.

“But that is where the teamwork comes in and it really does encourage you to support each other so that you can be successful.”

And the pair were full of confidence when taking on the next challenge, the climbing wall.

There are three different routes up the wall and Myron and David both chose the Green Route, which is the most difficult to complete.

Once again Myron was on top form, completing the route in record time, using brute strength to get him to the top, when technique couldn’t quite get the job done.

David was struggling at the halfway mark but with plenty of encouragement from Myron, he was also able to reach the summit.

Mark spoke of his pride at the pair’s achievements.

He said: “They have both worked very hard on their fitness since joining the House.

“They both attend the gym every day and they work on their cardiovascular fitness.

“And it has paid off here in spades. This is not just a fun exercise, it shows them what can be done with hard work, team work and respect for each other.

“I think it has opened their eyes to what you can achieve when you work together as a unit.”

For more details on the ‘High Wire’ course, please visit the school’s website.