Community House gets a new kitchen

January 7, 2019

Christmas came early for the residents of YMCA Humber’s Community House, with the installation of a new kitchen in December 2018. YMCA Humber secured two grants for the purchase and costs of fitting a kitchen and would like to thank The Percy Bilton Charity and The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation for making this possible.

In 2010 YMCA Humber was donated a house located in Grimsby, which was provided to help young individuals (18-25 years old) who are homeless. Residents are given the opportunity to progress and learn life skills whilst addressing barriers and challenges which have otherwise prevented them from leading an independent lifestyle.

The kitchen is naturally a place where social interaction takes place; especially in shared accommodation. This new kitchen is something the residents have wanted for some time now and clearly appreciate. Whilst a normal kitchen would ordinarily consist of a single cooker and oven, the Community House now has two of each. This enhances cooking activities and training that is delivered to YMCA residents. By having this addition, it shouts out a clear message to our young people – “We care about you, and ultimately want the best for you”.

The kitchen was fitted by Nigel, an employee of YMCA in September 2018. Nigel used his experience from previous employment and fitted the kitchen (including flooring) within two weeks to a very high standard.

The new kitchen boasts brand new kitchen units, work tops, cookers and ovens provided by Howdens.

Howdens were very helpful and keen to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible, from measuring up and designing the kitchen to delivery. They also applied a discount that specifically helps local charities which was gratefully received.

BC Electrics also carried out works to the property, in a timely fashion to a high standard which ensured the safety and wellbeing of YMCA Humber’s residents.

YMCA Humber would like to thank the local community for their continued support and encouragement.

Debbie Cook, new CEO at YMCA Humber said,

“At YMCA Humber, we support young people to Belong, Contribute and Thrive.

Life can be tough for some young people and having this new kitchen installed creates a homely room where our young people can cook, live and learn.

A huge ‘thank you’ to all involved, we are so grateful”.

Peter Holroyd, YMCA Humber Community House Coach, said,

“I am delighted that all current and future residents can finally have a kitchen that they can take ownership and pride in. I am particularly excited that YMCA Humber can provide group cooking activities at the Community House.

We have a breakfast bar installed but sadly no classy barstools that match the décor of the kitchen – if anyone would like to donate four to us, please get in touch”.

Dylan Goodwin, resident at YMCA Humber Community House, said,

“The new kitchen is awesome, it has proper tiles which should be easier to clean, there is a lot more space and excellent cooking facilities.

I am proud to be a resident of YMCA Humber’s Community House”.