Danny’s Story

January 9, 2019

Danny moved in to YMCA Humber in August 2017,

Once Danny felt settled in his new accommodation, he would often be seen pottering around the Orchard Project, Cobb House or workshop, helping with practical outdoor activities come rain or shine. Danny enjoyed working outdoors and would often support other residents in their work, being an inspirational example to his peers.

Danny struck up an excellent working relationship with his Coach from their first meeting, and although Danny faced personal challenges, he would always endeavour to move forward in his life with a positive attitude. Danny’s reflective nature enabled him to overcome barriers and progress.

After considering different move on options with his Coach, Danny reached the decision that moving home and returning to family was the best option for him and made this move at the end of 2018.

All staff at YMCA Humber wish Danny all the best for his future.