YMCA Humber Backs World Challenge

July 14, 2014

YOUNG people from across the Humber Region helped YMCA Humber back YMCA’s 2014 World Challenge by signing a pledge.

The pledge will help the wider YMCA movement assist world leaders in better understanding the needs of young people across the globe.

Running from 30th May to 8th June, the challenge saw staff members from YMCA Humber and assorted partners visit different schools and colleges gathering signatures for the pledge.

A team from the Peaks Lane Housing Project, which included Project Manager Jim Hudson, Community Support Coordinator Mark Brewer and Customer Service Officer Katarzyna Wieczorek kickstarted the challenge at Grimsby’s Franklin College by gathering over 120 signatures from young people.

Further signatures were obtained at YMCA’s Showcase Session, which was held at Grimsby’s Warehouse venue on Freeman Street in Grimsby.

Enfuse’s Sophie Johnson then gathered a number of signatures from Grimsby Institute’s sports department and Youth and Community Services manager Andy Tappin collected further names at the town’s Shalom Youth Centre.

In total, over 300 young people signed the pledge, which is in addition to YMCA Humber supporters who signed the pledge online through links provided in e-newsletters and on social media.

World YMCA is hoping to secure over four-million signatures from the challenge, which will show how the movement works passionately to empower young people in over 120 countries worldwide.

Kristina Bergmark, a Change Agent for Sweden summed up the World Challenge, which states that those that have pledged want to stand up for young people and allow their voices to be heard.

She said: “I want every young person to get what was given to me: someone that really believes in you, guides and challenges you to the extent that you know you can change the world and do the same for someone else.”

For more information on the World Challenge, please visit http://challenge.ymca.int/.