YMCA Showcases Young Talent

July 14, 2014

TO CELEBRATE YMCA’s 170th birthday, YMCA Humber and Enfuse held a special Showcase Session at Grimsby’s Warehouse venue on Freeman Street in the town.

The Community Games event was held as part of YMCA’s World Challenge, which aimed to get as many young people to pledge support to a YMCA manifesto as possible.

Completed sheets were then presented to YMCA’s World Council, so that they can compile a list of names that can be shown to world leaders in an effort to get them to listen more clearly to young people’s views.

And there were plenty of young people from YMCA Humber and their partners showing off their talent at the Showcase Session.

A crowd of 100 gathered to see musical performances from a number of young groups and solo artists, as well as take part in space hopping challenges and tackle the latest craze of table cricket.

The event was kicked off by Clifton’s Dance Class and there was also a presentation to YMCA Humber’s Shining Light for 2014, Chris Wright, who was being commended for his volunteering efforts for Community Games (you can read more on Chris’ story elsewhere in this newsletter).

Amy Naylor was the first artist to take to the stage and she wowed the crowd with a lengthy set of tender acoustic numbers.

Later in the evening, Enfuse’s own Bayard Tapley made his live bow on the keyboard, which included several samples and loops to create a unique ‘electronica’ feel.

Foyer Project Manager Andrew Hornsby partnered with former Foyer resident Terri-Ann McIver to deliver three tracks, which included a duet of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’, a song that had the crowd singing along and clapping in unison.

Another Foyer connection came in the shape of Brad and Dec, two guitarists who turned punk classics into catchy acoustic numbers, including Bad Religion’s hit ‘Punk Rock Song’ and a clever twist on Nena’s anti-nuclear protest song ’99 Luftballoons’.

The event was rounded off by a three-piece act called ‘Unprepared’ who, as the name suggests, signed up to the event at the last minute!

But the group were undeterred and delivered a three-song set packed with fun and laughter.

The winner of the space hopper competition was Kim Morton-Smith, who hopped an astonishing 138 times in 60 seconds. She went home with a £25 Freshney Place voucher. Her twin sister, Lucy was in second place, just four hops behind and won some chocolate.

The table cricket competition was won by own Communications Coordinator Jonathan Byrne, who cleared the field in just 59 seconds – beating the nearest challenger by over half a minute!

YMCA Humber would like to thank Enfuse for their hard work in organising the event, the Warehouse for their support on the evening and the young people from Grimsby Institute and Franklin College that took part.