Sowing the Seeds of Confidence

April 10, 2019

Conor started volunteering for YMCA Humber in August 2017. As part of our Horticulture and Community Orchard team, he picked up his trowel and got stuck in with weeding, pruning, clearing foliage and laying pipes.

Conor has now been volunteering with YMCA Humber for nearly 2 years. After failing his A levels, he felt he had no academic future ahead of him and his goal of going to university seemed unachievable which took its toll on his self-worth and confidence.

He now proudly takes on new tasks and activities as and when they present themselves, also offering his help to the charity’s maintenance staff whenever they need a hand with painting and decorating.

It must be said that Conor, through all his hard work and the combined efforts of the teams he has worked with, has grown as an individual. He has developed new specialised skills and became more confident; confident enough to take on new challenges such as studying Biomedical Science at Lincoln University.

Conor said:

“Volunteering at YMCA Humber has been a fantastic experience for me. When I first came here, I came here with my mum just because I was too frightened to speak to somebody I didn’t know on my own.

“And within a few months of volunteering with YMCA my confidence skyrocketed.

Working at YMCA has inspired me to go on and step outside my comfort zone with trying things like going to Lincoln University, travelling there every day, and trying subjects such as Biomedical Science.”

With his experience accumulated at YMCA Humber, Conor has since achieved his goal in attaining a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, he is currently awaiting his award ceremony.