Cooking On A Budget

April 15, 2019

COMMUNITY HOUSE Residents ‘Cooking On A Budget’ 

Residents have been taking full advantage of the new kitchen at the Community house, learning how to cook on a budget.

Peter Holroyd, a coach at the Community House said:

“The Community House is part of YMCA Humber’s accommodation offer and we provide supported accommodation for 18-25-year olds here.

“The housing model is different to our other housing projects as the onus is more on young people to develop their own opportunities

“One of YMCA Humber’s main goals is to support our young people to be able to live independently.

“Learning to cook on a budget is a key tool that can make a real difference in their lives, this week we’ve shown residents that they can cook reasonable meals for around £5.

“Residents can gain a range of skills from shopping, budgeting and practical skills in the kitchen; how to prepare food and to store the cooked food.”