175th Anniversary Roadshow: YMCA’s Untold History

April 29, 2019

YMCA HUMBER Staff And Residents Travel To Birmingham For YMCA’s 175th Anniversary Roadshow.

Staff and residents from YMCA Humber recently traveled to Birmingham for three days of workshops surrounding YMCA’s 175th Anniversary Roadshow: YMCA’s untold history.

It has been announced YMCA England & Wales will be the recipients of the National Lottery Heritage Fund grant and will receive £86,600 to deliver a heritage project as part of its landmark 175th anniversary this year.

It will be co-produced and delivered by young people working jointly with 10 local YMCAs and our esteemed partner, Birmingham University.  The project will gather new material, develop skills, enhance the wellbeing of young people and engage up to 6,500 people nationally in the exhibition and roadshow.

YMCA has a rich heritage and history of prominent individuals and significant events which have made a lasting contribution to society. For the first time, unseen artifacts and untold stories will come together as part of one collection to bring to life the impact YMCA has had on young people’s lives.

Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of YMCA England & Wales, said:

“Over the past 175 years, YMCA has impacted upon the lives of millions of people across the UK. Our Anniversary Roadshow will be the first time we have brought together our rich heritage and history in one place for the public to see.

“Showcasing stories such as our support during the First and Second World Wars, inventing basketball and volleyball, and our work with the United Nations alongside brand new tales from local YMCAs will bring this exhibition, and the history of YMCA, to life in an exciting way.”

Supporting young people is one of our core beliefs and through this roadshow forty young people will be trained in multiple aspects of the project including oral history training, facilitating local heritage sessions, and undertaking local research.

The young people involved will research and compile heritage material including interviewing prominent individuals who have made significant contributions to YMCA in the past, to be included in the exhibition.

Amy Helland, CSO & Development Associate at YMCA Humber, said:

“It was a really enjoyable few days and we cannot wait to start planning our roadshow ahead of it commencing in August this year.

The two young people we took have both said they learnt some great new skills and it has really boosted their confidence meeting service users and staff from other YMCAs.”