Stress Management App for iOS

May 1, 2019

THE VIRTUAL Hope Box is a simple smartphone app that keeps positive messages and reminders at your fingertips.
YMCA Humber believe that everyone should have support to lead a healthy life, in mind, body and spirit.

The Virtual Hope Box helps by providing science-based activities and games to help with overcoming negative thoughts and stress, which helps support a healthy mind. 86% of people who use the app regularly report to feeling about their lives within two months.
The app includes simple tools to help with coping, relaxation, distraction and positive thinking. Virtual Hope Box can be personalised to the user’s specific needs, continuing to add or change content as needed. It can be used for self help or in collaboration with mental health providers.
A rich variety of multimedia content can be added to the application that the user finds personally supportive in times of need. For example, the user can include family photos, videos and recorded messages from loved ones, inspirational quotes, music they find especially soothing, reminders of previous successes, positive life experiences and future aspirations, and affirmations of their worth in their Virtual Hop Box.
The Virtual Hope Box also provides positive activity planning, distraction tools, interactive relaxation exercises, controlled breathing and muscle relaxation.
The versatility of this app to accommodate different lifestyles and people with a range of self-help therapy methods, is why we recommend it to anyone who needs that extra bit of help managing stress throughout their week.

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