YMCA Humber awarded for ‘Outstanding Commitment’

July 11, 2019

YMCA Humber won a Student Placement Team award for their ‘Outstanding Commitment to Mentorship in Health & Social Care 2019’

The Grimsby Institute Student Placement Team this week recognised YMCA Humber at their Student Placement Team awards. The award given has acknowledged the charity for its ‘Outstanding Commitment to Mentorship in Health & Social Care’.

The team from YMCA Humber’s Foyer accommodation project were there to accept the award on behalf of YMCA Humber.

Announcing the award, the Student Placement Team said:

“The organisation that has been nominated and receives this award today is for their high quality of mentorship, training and support that they offer to students. Congratulations YMCA Humber. Many of our students from FD Counselling, FD Health and Social Care, and FD Community Mental Health have had placement opportunities within YMCA Humber, and we thank all of the mentors at both YMCA Foyer and YMCA Peaks lane sites. The Mentors at YMCA Humber consistently go above and beyond to support our students to achieve their goals and inspire our learners to their future careers.”

Andrew, YMCA Humber’s Accommodation Manager, commented that:

“YMCA Humber is proud to partner with The Grimsby Institute in providing real-life work experience, professional mentoring and diverse work opportunities to students. Our partnership continues to strengthen, and we’re delighted that Student Placement Team recognise YMCA Humber as a key contribution to their professional development.”

Danielle, speaking about her student placement, has said:

“YMCA Humber is a great place to put what I have learnt at Grimsby University Centre into practice. The support I have received from my mentor at YMCA Humber has been amazing. I have enjoyed my experience and time at the service. It has given me a new insight to how homelessness impacts young people in our area and the support provided by all at YMCA Humber.”