Phoebe’s Story

October 29, 2019

The YMCA Humber support over 100 young people weekly through our community youth provision. Covering areas such as Immingham and Stallingborough through to Nunsthorpe and the Willows.

These youth groups offer support with emotional wellbeing, behaviour, staying safe and educational worries. Not only do young people have the opportunity to gain guidance and support through these groups but they have fun doing it!

The YMCA Humber have offered hundreds of young people the chance to participate and achieve things they would never have had the oppor tunity to do without their youth group. Opportunities that include visiting well known tourist attractions, participating in national campaigns and volunteering and training to do youth work themselves.

Meet Phoebe, Phoebe has attended and participated in youth activities with the YMCA Humber for over 4 years. She has been no stranger to challenging behaviours, when Phoebe first started with the YMCA she did not follow rules or instruction very well. She would push boundaries and exhibit behaviours that would often lead to her being reprimanded within her educational life.

However, Phoebe continued to attend the youth group and gained a good relationship with the youth outreach workers and started to speak

about the things she found difficult, with school and herself. She worked through her daily challenges with staff to find coping mechanisms

and ways to improve her behaviour and wellbeing.

Phoebe is now a young leader within the youth group and sets an example to all other young people about how to respect the equipment, participate in activities and helps support and guide those that are younger than her and are facing similar challenges she had at their age. Phoebe really is a testament to the importance of youth provision, she has matured into a spectacular example of how amazing young people can be with the right support in place.

“In all my years of working with young people, phoebe has stood out to me in the amount of changes and challenges she has faced to become not only a model for other young people but an asset to the organisation. She will go on to make a big difference in a lot of people’s lives.”

– Jess Taylor, Youth and Community Outreach Worker.

“Before Phoebe started joining the YMCA her behaviour was absolutely deplorable, she had no respect for herself or others around her. Family life with Phoebe was hard work! Since becoming a volunteer doing Youth Work she is a completely different person, behaviour has changed dramatically, more outgoing along with a more positive outlook on life.”

– Jo Salter (Mother of Phoebe)