YMCA is delighted to have been successful in securing funding from Homes England

November 1, 2019

YMCA Humber is delighted to have been awarded £3,325,000 in funding from Homes England, the government’s housing agency, to support the construction of a new Centre on Freeman Street, Grimsby.

YMCA Humber_proposed_new_Freeman_Street_Centre_Oct_2019

YMCA Humber, currently based at Peaks Lane, Grimsby will use the monies to part-fund a high-quality venue to provide new, aspirational accommodation facilities for young people. The funding is awarded as part of Blue Skies Consortiums programme and the YMCA will join the Consortium to access the allocation.

YMCA Humber does not just provide a bed, but also seeks to help young people gain the training, skills and confidence to lead independent lives. The funding from Homes England will ensure that young people in this area will be afforded the best accommodation. YMCA Humber will be borrowing some £3.5m and securing further additional grants in order that the new building will be more than accommodation; it will be a community facility, a meeting space for businesses and local groups and with the potential to support and reconnect families.

Andrew Hornsby

“We would like to thank Homes England and all members of the Design Team for their flexibility and passion in progressing the funding for Freeman Street”, stated Andrew Hornsby, Accommodation Manager at YMCA Humber. “We are excited and confident that this building will meet the needs of our residents, partners and members of the local and wider community”.

Homes England provides funding help to more people in England to access better homes in the right places. They have the influence, expertise and resources to drive positive market change by helping to improve neighbourhoods and grow communities.

A Homes England spokesperson said: “We’re determined to work with ambitious partners to make homes happen, so are delighted to award this funding to help provide accommodation for the local community. We now look forward to seeing the designs become reality.”

YMCA Humber has recently secured planning permission from North East Lincolnshire Council for the construction of this new centre.

Debbie Cook Chief Executive

The development will comprise of 74 high quality units, a cultural café providing professional training and work opportunities, health and wellbeing space, conference facilities and vibrant exhibition and performance spaces.

Debbie Cook Chief Executive YMCA Humber said: “We’re delighted that Homes England has recognised our work in this way. Now, thanks to this funding we will be able to press on with our plan to broaden the range of opportunities available to young people in the area. Starting with aspirational homes and support, this new building and our support work will help a young person to become part of an inclusive community and make positive changes to contribute and thrive.”