Hannah’s Volunteering Background

February 11, 2015

THE LATEST addition to our Support Worker team is Hannah, who in two years with the Association has cut her own path from volunteer to detached youth worker to relief staff and now a member of the support team.

The 22-year-old, a Criminology student at Grimsby Institute shared her experience of volunteering with YMCA Humber.

She said: “I was unsure of what type of work to get involved with, so I decided to try volunteering as this would give me the opportunity to gain experience and build some knowledge of working with young people to see if this was the path that I wanted to take.

“I knew that YMCA Humber worked with young people from different sorts of backgrounds, so I enquired to see if they had any volunteer placements.

“I met with Jim (Peaks Lane Project Manager), who explained what YMCA was about and spoke at depth about the work they do with young people.

“I was actually unaware of a lot of the work YMCA Humber does, especially with vulnerable young adults and it helped to put things into perspective.

“YMCA Humber is about helping those less fortunate get back on their feet. It was a very positive experience and I immediately felt that volunteering with the charity was something I wanted to get involved in.

“My induction process was very thorough. I looked at the various policies and procedures and learned about health and safety within the building.

“I was shown around the Peaks Lane hostel and introduced to Jocelyn (Community Youth Worker), who I would be assisting on various activities.

“The various activities I have taken part in include archery, baking, woodwork and pool tournaments and I have helped to make them fun and inclusive, so that everyone stays interested.

“I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive when I first met with the young people staying at the hostel but they soon eased my nerves, as they are very approachable and polite people.

“They are pleasant to be around and they have made my volunteering very enjoyable. Any negative stereotypes associated with them are very wide of the mark.

“How we are able to link youth work with the support element of YMCA Humber is through key working sessions.

“A young person may approach their coach and express an interest in a certain activity or project and the youth department will then try and arrange this so that as many young people as possible can get involved.

“I have gained so much experience and knowledge during my 15 months with YMCA Humber, about what the charity does for young people and how they motivate them to become more positive about their lives and overall outlook.

“I am delighted to gain a full-time position with YMCA Humber as volunteering here has been very positive and rewarding, which gives me a lot of satisfaction, especially when you can see how YMCA changes people’s lives so positively.”