Debbie’s Blog #8 – YMCA Humber, Is this what you expect?

February 15, 2020

Picture the scene…..A warm house. A lovely living and dining space. Family photographs in the ornate brick fireplace. A beautiful grey 5-seater corner sofa. Breakfast pots in the sink. Fairy lights still glowing in the garden. It’s a very cosy set-up.

That’s the scene that greeted me last week when I went to visit one of YMCA Humber’s supported housing properties. YMCA Humber is committed to having great-quality accommodation available so that when our residents are ready to move on from our hostel or foyer accommodation, we have accommodation available that matches the aspiration we’re building. We support our residents in all areas of their lives whilst they live with us – budgeting, cooking, health; you name it, if our residents need support then we aim to provide it; the ultimate goal being independent living.

During my visit last week one of our residents said to me ‘The YMCA has changed my life. I loved living at Peaks Lane and now I love living here. I’ve come so far with the support of people from the YMCA’.

It’s those comments, which we hear often, that can make an overly busy, overly stressful week pale into insignificance. Because we are changing lives at YMCA Humber. And we could tell those stories regularly. Stories of people we’ve helped find a job or an apprenticeship. Stories of residents we’ve moved into university accommodation in far away places. Stories of our residents who, with our support have gone back to college to work on their English and Maths. Really positive stories.

So, to recap. A cosy, warm house. A new ‘family’ formed. Jobs, university, college. Is it what you expected at YMCA Humber?……