When you give…You change lives!

March 27, 2020

We need your help during these difficult times!

YMCA Humber needs the support of dedicated donors to continue its much-needed work of supporting vulnerable members of the community, with a safe place to live.

Our amazing team continue to work tirelessly; totally committed to ensure we sustain vital services for those who need us most.

We already have incurred additional costs in order to make some operational changes to improve the safety of our residents and staff. We expect there to be considerably more, every month that lockdown remains.

We have had to cancel current events, and this will make a significant difference to our income. Please help us to continue caring by making a donation, no matter how large or small. We need you more than ever to fight this challenging situation.

Currently we have also lost lots of our regular food donations. There are 109 people in our supported accommodation, and we need to make sure that food is provided daily and that stringent hygiene systems are in place.

The team is working really hard to ensure we take all reasonable steps to protect the wellbeing of our residents and staff, mentally and physically. Plus, keeping our accommodation options running effectively and safely in line with all legislation relating to Covid-19.

Your ongoing support will assist us to respond to whatever challenges arise to those we serve during the present circumstances.

If you’re working from home, could you donate the cost of your commute – petrol, bus, train – to people in more difficult circumstances? This could add up to make a huge difference.

Every pound counts!


We understand that most people are worried about the future but if you can spare any donation at all, no matter how small, we would very much appreciate your support.

You can help by directly donating to our campaign at Just Giving https://bit.ly/2QGymJK