Sleep Easy’s a Rap for Alan

March 18, 2015

A NIGHT sleeping rough to raise money for homeless charities was a ‘rap’ for one young person from Hull.

Alan Balmford (17) participated in YMCA Humber’s Sleep Easy event at Wilberforce College in the city on 30th January and he wowed fellow fundraisers with an impressive rap all about the perils of youth homelessness.

The teenager had learned about Sleep Easy and its impact on homeless charities in Hull and East Riding, as well as awareness about youth homelessness through special sessions held with Child Dynamix at their Hut project on Preston Road.

Alan worked on the rap at home and told youth leaders at the project that he wished to perform his song on the night of Sleep Easy.

He said: “I was taken by the lessons on youth homelessness and how it affects young people just like me all over the city.

“I was looking forward to taking part in Sleep Easy and raising funds for the different charities but I also wanted to do something memorable that could be shared with other people who are not joining us at the event.

“I enjoying writing raps in my spare time, so I went away and wrote something about homelessness and how thankful we are to have a roof over our heads, friends and family around us and food on the table.”

Sarah Hatfield, Head of Children and Young People’s Services for Child Dynamix praised Alan for his efforts.

She added: “We were very proud of Alan for putting himself forward to perform on the evening.

“He has been one of a number of young people learning all about the perils of youth homelessness in the run up to Sleep Easy and he showed the confidence and desire to go away and do something a little different that he could share with other people.

“Youth homelessness can be a difficult subject to engage young people with, so something different like a rap can be something that catches the attention of other young people and helps them understand the problems we are trying to help counter.”

You can watch Alan’s rap on our YouTube channel and the video is also embedded below.