Quality homes provided by YMCA Humber for vulnerable homeless people in the Borough’s first ‘Housing First’ Programme

October 16, 2020

YMCA Humber is delighted to be working with North East Lincolnshire Council on the Borough’s first ever Housing First Project.

This scheme which is particularly important for people who have suffered repeat homelessness and multiple disadvantages provides people with their own home together with intensive support that is free from conditions other than the willingness to work with the Charity to sustain a tenancy.



Such is the Organisation’s commitment to support people who are street homeless, the YMCA has purchased two empty homes and, with grant assistance from the Council, carried out the renovations needed to bring them back into use. The charity is being assisted by the local authority to provide the support that these vulnerable residents need in order to thrive in their own property after previously living on the streets or in temporary accommodation.

“The people that have moved into these homes have complex support needs and find it very difficult to engage with the services that are available to them. Working in partnership with North East Lincolnshire Council’s Homelessness Prevention Service we will be providing bespoke care and support.  I am proud that the YMCA has been part of this ‘first’ for Grimsby, supporting those who need our help the most”, stated Debbie Cook Chief Executive, YMCA Humber.

Councillor John Fenty, portfolio holder for housing, regeneration and skills, said: “I’m really pleased that this scheme is up and running. In time I hope that this will become a steppingstone for many of our most vulnerable to finding a way back to a stable lifestyle off of the streets.

“This is a testament to the great partnership work that the Council and YMCA colleagues are doing together with other local organisations to get people off of the streets and into stable forms of accommodation, and to get the right support to get their lives back on track.”

Niel Strawson, lead Trustee of YMCA Humber commented, “These Housing First properties are one part of an extensive expansion of the Charity’s housing stock, and integral to a new housing pathway developed by the Charity, to meet a variety of support needs across North East Lincolnshire”.

YMCA Humber’s Housing First Programme will continue working in close partnership with the Council’s Homelessness Prevention and Private Sector Housing teams, with the aim to assist in reducing rough sleeping and recurring homelessness in the Great Grimsby area.