Volunteer Gary’s Marathon Mission

April 20, 2015

THE CHALLENGE 365 participants will complete their yearlong endurance challenge by running the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April.
Gary Pearson, who volunteers as a driver for YMCA Humber’s Charity Shop, is one of the participants and he spoke about his training for the event.
He said: “When we first set out on this challenge, time wise the London marathon seemed a long way off.
“In terms of achieving the distance I’d run one marathon previously and have run another during this challenge, so knew that I can run 26 miles.
“Now it’s less than a week away and coming up fast.
He continued: “Training has been going well, I’m on a schedule which I’ve followed fairly faithfully.
“I’ve watched the dinosaurs and Wombles at the London marathon on telly for a number of years and wondered whether or not I’d ever get a chance at running it.
“My youngest son suggested running with a fridge on my back to get an appearance on telly but I told him that running 26 miles is tough enough anyway without trying to do it wearing a fridge!”
Gary also spoke about how the yearlong fundraising challenge has gone from his perspective.
“In terms of the year-long challenge, it’s been good to have a series of goals to train for,” he stated.
“I have to keep fairly fit for work but where’s the fun in that?
“Training for the mud runs that started off the challenge gave my training some much needed variety but that’s now been replaced by a very specific running program.
“I know I must be mad but I’ve been enjoying the longer training runs and am really looking forward to running London.
“No disrespect to Mablethorpe where I ran both my previous marathons, but London will be something really special and I’m excited at the prospect of running it for YMCA Humber.”
To find out more about Challenge 365 or to sponsor the participants, please visit: www.challenge365.co.uk