Kieran’s Hopes for a Career in Retail

June 3, 2015

A YOUNG man from our Peaks Lane Housing Project is looking for a career in retail after opting to extend a work placement at a local fashion outlet on a voluntary basis.

Kieran, 22, took up the initial work placement in Cleethorpes through the Job Centre and enjoyed his six-week stint so much that he is now volunteering two days a week with the same company, whilst he looks for further employment opportunities.

“I was a bit unsure at first,” he declared.

“But once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed it.

“I enjoy being around people and it gave me the opportunity to get out and express myself.

“I like helping people, so this has been the perfect job for me.”

And Kieran has been undertaking a variety of role during his placement, earning praise from his supervisors for his commitment and flexibility.

He continued: “I initially started in the warehouse sorting out items but I soon got put onto the shop floor to replenish stock.

“That meant I was amongst the public and I did not mind helping with queries and other things.

Kieran’s support worker is Hannah McMahon, 23, and she concurred with his desire to succeed.

“We received a call off Kieran’s supervisors and they spoke very highly of his desire and willingness to try his hand at anything, as well as his polite and helpful nature.

“It got to the point that Kieran was disappointed when the six weeks was coming to an end but he showed great confidence in approaching the shop to see if there was the opportunity to come in and volunteer for them.”

It is an opportunity Kieran is relishing and he is hopeful that this will lead to reigniting his career in retail.

He said: “I am aiming to do two days a week volunteering during the summer and spend the rest of my time looking for a job.

“I have done retail work when I was at college and it is something I would like to get back in.

“I like being around customers and being able to help people, so it is just the profession for me.”

Hannah spoke of the progress Kieran has made since moving to the Peaks Lane Housing Project late last year.

She carried on: “He has worked very hard to adjust to life in the project and his confidence has grown with that.

“He has matured and that is shown with the way he interacts with his supervisors in his voluntary role.

“We know that Kieran has expressed a desire to look for a career in retail and we can continue helping him to further develop the skills that can make that a reality.”