Peaks Lane

YMCA Humber’s Peaks Lane Hostel opened in 1972 and provides safe accommodation, support and coaching primarily for young people aged 16-25. 

With 72 units of accommodation, a range of engagement activities and one-to-one coaching available, Peaks Lane provides communal living at the same time as enabling independence and privacy through facilities including kitchens and laundry functions as well as each residential room being fully furnished. 

Central to our service is enabling the identification and action planning towards suitable move-on accommodation for residents.   Our specialist staff help individuals to overcome barriers to accommodation and position themselves for sustained independent living. 

Our support team works jointly with young people to agree objectives that help to address key issues, including finance, substance use and family breakdown, as well as educational and work opportunities.  Our strong partnership working with local agencies means professionals in many sectors provide individual and group interventions, as well as a range of information for residents. 

A variety of meals are provided in a communal dining area and there is also a fully-furbished lounge and patio area, ideal for a host of recreational activities and summer BBQs. WiFi is available throughout our buildings and computer access available within our support office and communal lounge enabling use of the internet for maintaining and developing relationships with friends and families, searching and applying for volunteering and employment opportunities and to promote access to education and learning opportunities. 

The site also includes training facilities and training kitchens to aid progression to independent living, particularly through recognised courses delivered by our staff and through a range of educational partners.  Links with local education facilities mean that young people are given the opportunity to obtain recognised accreditations that they can add to their CVs and use as experience towards developing a pathway into future employment. 

Our Sports Hall is a key feature and continues to be a popular facility throughout the community; not only providing our young people with the opportunity to use sports to develop a healthy mind, body and spirit but also as a training location for local teams, sports club and community groups.