Peaks Lane

Our Peaks Lane hostel opened in 1972 and provides supported accommodation for men, women and young people aged 16 and above. With 72 units of accommodation, and shared facilities including communal spaces, shared kitchens and laundry facilities, we offer a functional building to suit all needs. A variety of meals are provided in our communal dining area, with vending machine snacks and drinks also available. WiFi is available throughout the building.

Furthermore, our team of staff and partners provide a range of training and engagement activities, within one-to-one and group work settings. Our in-house mental health support and partnerships with local agencies combine to provide a holistic approach to supporting residents to achieve their goals.

We place an emphasis on health and well-being. Our sports hall, orchard project and cob house all facilitate healthy activities and opportunities for residents to develop their well-being.

Central to our service is enabling residents to move into their own independent accommodation. Our specialist staff help individuals in overcoming barriers to acquiring accommodation and positioning themselves for sustained independent living.

For more information about our Peaks Lane project, please contact us on 01472 359 621.