Trinity Village

YMCA was founded among the mills and smoke of nineteenth century London, in an attempt to find a way of being human after the upheaval of the industrial revolution, and YMCA arrived in Grimsby in 1882. Driven by its founding vision, it has sought to provide the kind of service that meets the needs of people in our local area. Since the 1960s, this has centred heavily upon housing and with the development of the Peaks Lane hostel in the early 1970s, the work of our YMCA became focused upon helping those who had found themselves homeless or in need of temporary accommodation.

As needs and aspirations change, so do we, and Trinity Village is the practical application of the YMCA vision reinvigorated for the 21st century. The Village proposes a supported accommodation project that is designed to be a mutually supportive community – a place where people will share life and build experiences. The community will consist of around 46 homes for up to 120 people. With a range of services and amenities on site, we will be better able to meet the day-to-day and future needs of young people in North East Lincolnshire. The Village will create greater opportunity for educational engagement both on and off site, giving young people – as well as the broader community – access to sports, recreation and outdoor spaces.

Trinity Village is designed to be a beautiful and practical place to live that encourages our residents to lead active and creative lives through contribution to community.

We want to promote and change the way young people are viewed, especially in the context of prospective tenants. This is why, as with our current projects, Trinity Village will be built around a “something for something” deal. We see the Village as strengthening YMCA Humber’s current support offer by providing opportunities for young people to live, learn and work.

We have a vision of how different things can be, and what we build now will have our values as its deepest foundation.