Claire’s Story


Claire’s Story

Claire was a socially anxious person who struggled to engage with her friends and find work. Living in her family home with her grandmother, she was not in education, employment or training and her mother and grandmother were pressuring her to find her own home. This put her in a place of anger, anxiety and distress as she felt she had no one to turn to.

Claire always had ambitions to get paid employment as a Support Worker, with the income she could make from this, she could also fulfil her ambitions to learn to drive and pass her driving test.

She was referred to the At One Project by a worker of another project that she had been attending for a couple of years. The referrer described her as feeling, “isolated in her peer group” and needed support in challenging some of the anxieties that she faced when engaging with friends.

Having previously accessed counselling support, Claire was not wanting any further counselling from the At One Project. However, after a few sessions and building a relationship with the At One Project staff, she grew enough confidence to request a one to one counselling session. Following this initial meeting, Claire arranged a series of sessions with the counsellor.

Claire, in time, excelled in the group work. It was here where she learned new skills, built self-confidence and met likeminded people. One activity she was interested in was a podcasting group project to which she put a lot of effort into contributing and producing. She has also received several AQA certificates for this group work. Through attending these sessions, Claire has developed a group of friends that she keeps in touch with over social media.

Since completing her sessions with the At One Project, Claire has decided to show her family the podcast to which they praised her for it. Claire has commented saying,

“When I was doing podcasting, it made my confidence improve.”

She has said that she feels a bit anxious about the group sessions coming to an end, however, Claire also feels more confident and has taken up volunteering with the elderly and with a local youth group.

Claire’s new-found confidence enabled her to apply for jobs on a regular basis, gaining invites to interviews, following the recent completion of a health and social care course at the Grimsby Institute; she succeeded in being offered a full-time paid job with a care company. This is a huge step towards her further reaching her long-term goal of becoming a qualified Support Worker.

If you want to listen to Claire’s podcast click here.

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