Sarah’s Story


Sarah’s Story

Sarah always had ambitions of working as a paramedic and working in healthcare. She found achieving this goal hard as life in her supported accommodation was quite challenging, often becoming involved in antisocial behaviour or finding herself in situations where she felt unsafe. It did not help her either that she was not in education, employment or training.

Sarah struggled to cope with new situations or engaging with groups of people she is unfamiliar with, often she would react negatively or aggressively due to her anxiety and low mood. Sarah recognised that the way she acted around other people was having a negative impact on others and her accommodation status.

When Sarah joined the At One Project she requested taking up counselling support. She highly valued the support as she noticed it was enabling her to build up her confidence, which helped her to alleviate her issues with anxiety. She also received support with mediation between herself and her partner.

In the group sessions, Sarah worked with other participants to create a podcast show. This activity assisted her in developing new skills and provided her with an opportunity, to develop her self-confidence and learn new effective coping strategies to help her when in challenging situations. At first, Sarah found the podcast activity hard as she lacked the confidence in listening back to her own voice from the recording. In time, with support from At One and her peers, Sarah overcame this and became much more comfortable with herself, her own voice, and how she communicates with others. Through the success of her podcast show, the AQA unit award scheme awarded her several AQA certificates.

As part of the At One Project’s volunteering programme, Sarah enthusiastically held a voluntary position at a charity shop. This experience was essential in her personal development, as it provided real life situations which actively enabled her to build on her people and communication skills. She enjoyed this opportunity and feels a great sense of achievement from knowing that her work was supporting a worthy cause. Sarah feels she is now ready for work and intends to find paid employment.

After her experience with the At One Project, Sarah feels more resilient and has developed a reliable network of people she can talk to. She is also feeling more confident to discuss and explore issues which previously would have been very challenging to her. Sarah is incredibly proud of her achievements and is now actively setting goals for herself and helping support the delivery of At One Project sessions. More recently, Sarah has managed to get paid employment and is ready to move into her own flat.

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