Tom’s Story


Tom’s Story

Tom has always been a creative person, he loves playing his guitar in a band with close friends. When playing live music for a crowd of people he feels at ease and removed from those watching.

Unfortunately, one aspect of his life he could never seem to get around was his discomfort in social interactions. Tom was diagnosed with ADHD, a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity; he found it hard to understand people around him and if someone inconvenienced him, he would often see it as a personal attack and would threaten to “knock them out”.

It was then that Tom’s housing support worker referred him to the At One Project, a YMCA project supporting individuals with low to moderate mental health issues. Tom was sceptical on how the At One Project could help him, but he was well-aware that he did not like the company of other people and felt like he needed to work on this more. His housing support worker accompanied him to the first session, commenting that they very much doubted that Tom would attend any other session beyond the first.

Since joining, Tom attended all group sessions and has interacted and engaged with other participants, developing his social skills. He also found love in another member of the group. He requested that one of the sessions on relationships be brought up sooner as this was his first serious relationship and Tom wanted to put in a lot of effort into maintaining that it is a happy and healthy one.

Tom’s housing support worker has since commented on Tom’s progress saying:

“I have been working with Tom for over a year now and in this time, he has always struggled with appropriate behaviour (he will often threaten to ‘knock out’ anyone who inconveniences him when we are in public spaces) and engaging with people he does not know. Since joining the At One Project there has been a noticeable improvement in his social skills and personal behaviour. He now engages well with his case worker at Bridge House Jobcentre, is looking for work and has generally seen his moods improve”.

Upon coming to the end of his sessions with the At One Project, Tom has become more comfortable with himself and enjoys his social interactions within the group. He has developed a much more positive outlook and no longer lets his anger get the better of him. He now volunteers at the YMCA Foyer’s music nights and is putting a new band together.

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