Schools Services

YMCA Humber began supporting local schools in November 2012 with their specialised ‘Drop-Down Days’ as part of the PSHE Curriculum and activities.

Students learned about issues surrounding homelessness and how they can help homeless people and avoid homelessness themselves.

The sessions raise awareness of homelessness in young people and get them to realise the problems that face young homeless people on a day-to-day basis.


Lesson Sessions

Intro Session:

  • We introduce ourselves to the group and give students an explanation of the day.
  • YMCA Karaoke – using the song to break the ice.
  • Explanation of the groups – rest of the day’s plans.

Lesson One:

  • Homelessness Myth Busting
  • Maintaining positive family relationships

Aim of the session: To inform students of issues around homelessness; particularly street homelessness, and to eradicate any related myths, stereotypes or prejudices. Students should leave the session with the aim of maintaining positive family relationships.

Lesson Two:

  • Living Independently
  • Welfare benefits and budgeting

Aim of the session: To inform students of issues around welfare benefits and budgeting. To have students examine how easy it is to live on welfare benefits, and to gain an understanding of the lives of young people who live at the YMCA.

Lesson Three:

  • Getting creative in supporting the homeless
  • Prayer Tree

Aim of the session: To tap into creative ideas around how everyone can support homeless people – in a variety of different ways.

Lesson Four:

  • Real-Life Stories of Homelessness
  • What did Jesus Christ say about homelessness?

Aim of the session: To show an interview involving current homeless young people living in the YMCA – in order to identify real issues surrounding homelessness. If appropriate, to open into a discussion around what Jesus Christ said about homelessness.

Outro Session:

  • Shelter-building

Sleep Easy Promotion / Other YMCA Promotion

For more information on our Schools Services, please contact our Youth & Community team on 01472 359 621 or email info@ymca-humber.com.