Health and Well-being
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“We believe that everyone should have support to lead a healthy life, in mind, body and spirit”


YMCA Humber has a unique approach to health and well-being. We recognise relationships that exist between the three pillars of health; physical, psychological and social well-being, and take an approach that aims to treat health holistically.

Staying healthy is about the lifestyle choices we make and YMCA Humber aims to provide an affordable and accessible range of activities that provide an opportunity for young people to actively engage.

Poor mental health can have a dramatic impact on the prospects of a young person’s life and awareness is a significant issue with young people. YMCA Humber strives to deliver mental health guidance in settings familiar to young people.

What it means to be healthy is of importance to young people and the way their body and image is perceived matters immensely. YMCA Humber’s work  reflects concerns around body image and young people worrying about how they look and their appearance.

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