T-Shirt Competition for Families – Grimsby Dads Collective

Design our T-shirt – Fun for the whole family but the kids will love it.

The Grimsby Dads Collective (GDC) would like your help to design their new T-shirts. The design should include a logo for the GDC and anything else you feel will give it, its identity. Entries must be created on A4 paper, but it is entirely up to you, as to how colourful or creative you want it to be.

The design entries will be judged by the Grimsby Dads Collective project volunteers and the winner will receive a prize and their very own t-shirt with design on!

Please send your entries by email to; Debbie.taylor@ymca-humber.com Entries must be in by the Wednesday 30 June.

  • Tell us a little bit about your artwork and why you think it could be a winning entry.

T-shirts will be printed with the winning design.

We have included some information below about the Grimsby Dads Collective (GDC) to help you keep this in mind when you are making your design.

The Grimsby Dads Collective brings together fathers and carers who had a child under the age of 25, or soon-to be fathers under the age of 25.

Young dads say they want; to have a voice; to be understood; to be connected to other dads; to be valued; to get support; to be considered important; to have confidence to ask for help; to receive help.

The Grimsby Dads Collective will look at how young dads are accessing essential services to help improve access to information and young fathers’ engagement.